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Top 10 trendiest autumn paint colours 2022

Top 10 trendiest autumn paint colours 2022

For the complete data of all 87 paint shades analysed, please click here.

According to the research, the trendiest autumnal colour to paint your home this year is Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball. Racking up 14,800 average global monthly searches, this romantic muted rose hue is a versatile shade that could be easily paired with different colours, giving off a sense of sophistication to your abode.

Peignoir ranks as the second most popular fall shade as it accumulates 10,800 average monthly searches worldwide. The perfect combination of grey and pink, elegance accompanies this Gallic-inspired colour, with its unique depth bringing walls to life as autumn draws in. Pair Peignoir walls with neutral hues and incorporate deep, dark accents to add character to your room.

In third is Farrow and Ball’s Dead Salmon. Another popular paint colour for your fall-inspired transformation, this subtle dusty rose hue with red undertones has garnered 9,800 searches on average last month. The perfect backdrop for candlelit rooms, consider the shade for dining rooms or hallways which will help create a serene, laid-back vibe - pops of greens also go exceptionally well with this colour!

Taking the fourth spot with 8,750 average monthly searches worldwide, a fresh lick of India Yellow is sure to conjure up warmth in your living space as the night gets longer. Rounding off the top five most on-trend autumn paint colours is Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground (7,250 average monthly searches). Dusty pink with a dose of yellow pigment, this soft shade is best complemented with darker hues for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Rounding off the top 20 trendiest autumnal coloursFor the complete data of all 87 paint shades analysed, please click here.

Heath Alexander-Bew, director of personal lines at Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance, offered guidance for landlords on choosing the right paint colour for rental properties:

Picking the right paint colour for your rental home could be one of the hardest and most crucial design decisions to make, as a well-decorated, visually appealing room will certainly help attract high-quality tenants.

You want to use something on-trend but not too striking and niche so it suits a larger audience and ensures your property isn’t left unoccupied for long. Neutral colours are a safe bet, providing tenants with a blank canvas that allows them to personalise their space much easier. Light beiges, tans, creams and soft greys are all ideal colours that will give the illusion of a larger space.

Moreover, to save money in the long run, it’s best to Invest in quality paint as you want it to be durable and take knocks and scratches. Remember to take pictures of the areas you’ve added a fresh coat of paint to before renting out and keep your receipts. So when a property is handed back to you and the walls are damaged, you have proof when it comes to who should bear the costs of reinstating the area back to its original state.”


  1. Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance were keen to find out the most on-trend paint colours this autumn.
  2. The experts trawled through reputable sites (ie. Elle Decor, Fabrics and Papers) and determined five of the top autumnal shades for the study: red, orange, yellow, cream, and brown.
  3. Next, by utilising online analytics tool, Ahrefs, the top three most popular UK paint brands were identified by their average global monthly searches: Farrow & Ball - 246,000 searches; Dulux - 194,000 searches; Crown - 50,000 searches.
  4. Each brand’s paint colours under the five selected shades were then inputted into the Keyword Explorer Tool on Ahrefs, along with variations of the brand name and shade, to unveil their average global monthly search volume.
  5. Subsequently, the final monthly search volumes were ranked in descending order with the paint colour garnering the highest number of online searches over the past month concluded to be the trendiest shade this autumn.
    1. To guarantee accuracy, colours with less than 500 monthly searches were omitted from the study, resulting in 87 shades left in the final dataset.
  6. Data was collected on October 4th 2022 and is accurate as of then.

*In the past 90 days, according to Google Trends on October 6th 2022