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Senida Kiehl founder of Excellence in Expat Education

I am an educational consultant and the founder of Excellence in Expat Education. My work in education has taken me to many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa and, particularly, the The Middle East. I hold an MA in Educational Leadership, and my areas of specialization include teacher training and school leadership. I have conducted trainings for educators and educational leaders at schools, Ministries of Education, The British Council, and other government agencies. I am a noted speaker who has been invited to deliver workshops on topics such as school leadership, gender-based leadership issues, teaching methodologies and intercultural fluency at various educational conferences. I have lived and worked in 5 countries.


Excellence in Expat Education is a company dedicated to make the process of selecting schools for our children easier and less stressful. EEE was established to serve the expat community by sharing our reports and helping you to choose the best-fit educational options in each country. We also serve the schools, by granting the Excellence in Expat Education Award to those schools that achieve excellence in any of our assessment categories.


It was my personal experience, both as an expat parent and as an educator, that led me to the idea of the Excellent in Expat Education Awards. We have a competitive advisory board, with extensive experience in education and educational management.

We also have several assessors, in different countries, with a solid background in education, ready to pay a visit in person and do class observations, evaluate premises and school policies, talk to the management team and assure parents of the competence of a particular school.


There was a need in the market for a company that qualified schools from the parents’ perspective. If schools are a business and parents are the customers, then schools need to cater to their customers. As we prepare for each of our moves to, yet another country,  I want to be sure my children attend the best schools. I want them to attend schools that offered excellent international education, at the highest standards, so that, eventually, they can attend university in the EU or the USA. I also want schools that meet my expectations for safety, that look after the “whole child” and that offer support to my family as we transition to life in a new country. Like so many other expats, I didn’t have the luxury of making personal visits to local schools before we moved. The information available online didn’t give me the answers I was looking for.  Sure, I could find lists of schools according to a specific curriculum. But these lists, whether from embassies of school inspection institutions, couldn’t answer some of my most important questions.


We have been operating since September 2018.


We operate internationally, with our main office in Dubai

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